Changelog for Swifty Site Designer

Modified on: 2016-12-12 11:43:03 +0100

3.1.1 - 2016-12-12

* Is now compatible with WordPress 4.7. 

3.0.9 - 2016-09-28

* Fixed some requirements for the Wordpress theme repository. 

3.0.8 - 2016-09-13

* Fixed: changing the design or going to the theme customizer fails since WordPress 4.6.
* Improved CSS loading.
* Closing design mode now goes back to the homepage.
* Lots of small improvements and bugfixes. 

3.0.7 - 2016-06-15

* Fix for sticky areas in WordPress mode. 

3.0.6 - 2016-06-06

* Areas can now stick to the top of the window after scroll.
* Woocommerce pages now always show the page title, even if the option to show page titles is turned off.
* Fixed an issue with areas being forced to be 20px high. 

3.0.5 - 2016-05-27

* Fixed an issue with the default header image.
* Changed allow external to a global option. 

3.0.4 - 2016-05-27

* Fixed: config was not always correctly initialized. 

3.0.3 - 2016-05-26

* Small fix. 

3.0.2 - 2016-05-25

* Areas now do have revisions. 

3.0.1 - 2016-05-24

* Improved Dutch translations. 

3.0.0 - 2016-05-23

* Version bump. This is part of the full SwiftySite 3 set op plugins and theme. 


* Small bugfix. 


* Fixed more issues with demo content. 


* Fixed more issues with demo content.
* Fixed issue with scrollbar in wizard.
* Fixed showing of Swifty images and patterns. 


* Fixed issues with demo content. 


* Better cahce handling of styles.
* Nice order of examples in the start wizard.
* Styles and layouts are now fully finished. 


* Improved css loading. 


* Fixed issues with the external css. 


* Widget areas are now available.
* Fix for Swifty logo not showing.
* Fix for quote problem causing the hamburger menu to not show correctly. 


* You can now switch between previewing your own content or demo content.
* You can now set custom paddings for all areas.
* You can now set background and paddings for the main content area.
* The start wizard can now be switched on or off in the settings page.
* For the manu you can now choose either the normal Swifty Site Designer menu, or any one of the menus that are defined in WordPress.
* Fixed: Logo now correctly is show bigger when custom max width or height are set. 


* Css can now optionally be external instead of inline. 


* Improvements for compatibility. 


* Added a start wizard.
* Will no longer contact the external Swifty server unless the user specifically allows.
* Added a setting for automatically showing or hiding the page title as a headline on each page.
* Mobile preview buttons (of Wordpress 4.5+) will be hidden until we release a version that supports them.
* The Wordpress Admin areas menu is now a semnu of the Swifty menu, instead of stand alone. 


* Added styling options for normal text.
* Now Google fonts can be used.
* Added site icon (favicon) functionality.
* We now support Wordpress 4.5 theme logos. Old Swifty Site Designer logos will be converted to Wordpress logos automatically.
* Areas and details are now separate menus.
* Areas now have visual indicators of what is what. 


* Compatible with WP 4.5. 


* Some small changes. 


* In the menu each menu item that has sub-menus is repeated as its first child, unless disabled in page settings.
* Categories are renamed to examples to prevent confusion.
* Fixed: The vertical alignment of a custom header image doesnt work correctly.
* Better protection against errors in custom css.
* Better protection against javascript error in older browsers.
* Translation slugs now use the correct swifty-site-designer. 


* Ready for Wordpress 4.4. 


* Menus can now optionally be aligned left of right.
* The menu colors and transparency can now optionally be changed.
* Headline colors and uppercase can now optionally be changed.
* Background images can now be shifted vertically, so, for instance, you can make the correct part of a picture appear in the header. 


* Swifty areas can now be viewed and edited in the Wordpress admin. 


* Added styling for blog posts.
* Added styling for columns. 


* Menu can now be switched between open on click (default) and open on hover. And menu can now have dropdown arrows.
* Menu does now default open on click (was: open on hover).
* Improvement so menu will work correctly on all kinds of devices.
* The user interface is now a bit restyled to fit the Wordpress 4.3 changes. 


* Fixed: sub-submenu did not show 


* Fixed: Submenu items are not clickable on touch screens
* Fixed: logo, title and slogan were sometimes not correctly shown on small (mobile) screens.
* For sites with the menu in sidebar, on small screens the menu is no longer shown below the content, but above it and collapsed into a hamburger menu.
* IMPORTANT: To apply these fixes, please go to Change design and do a save there.
* Fixed some compatibility issues with WooCommerce shops.
* The tabs in the media selector are now improved and selecting multiple images is now possible.
* Fixed: Close button misbehaved when clicked too soon. 


* Fixed: logo was not shown in correct size in Internet Explorer.
* Some small changes. 


* Improved lazy loading of slideshows for better PageSpeed.
* Added a screenshot that is shown when choosing themes in WP mode.
* Items are now shown in a more logical order.
* Fixed: fonts on https pages were incorrectly loaded as http. 


* Title and logo font size can now be changed.
* Added advanced option for adding custom css/less.
* Force header images to use http or https depending on current page.
* Fixed: sometimes slideshows did not show up for visitors in Firefox.
* Fixed: some fonts seemed to flash in the page after they were loaded (FOUT; Flash Of Unstyled Text). 


* The height of some areas like the header can now be changed.
* The width of sidebars and page content can now be changed.
* The page width can now be switched between full window width and centered boxed.
* Special page contents, like search results, no longer show exotic content.
* Added cache busting to several js and css files. 


* Gallery grid images now also show in optimal resolution in Firefox.
* Fix for images sometimes not showing up in Firefox. 


* Improved minor issues in responsive images. 


* Fixed: The logo could have a lightbox on click. That was not intended.
* Improvements in PageSpeed.
* Shows version number on the setting page. 


* This is the first private release of this plugin. 

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