Changelog for Swifty Page Manager

Modified on: 2016-12-13 16:50:31 +0100

3.0.1 - 2016-12-13

* If SwiftySite plugin is active, page titles set in Swifty Page Manager and titles set in YoastSEO will be synchronised. If there is a conflict in these titles, Swifty Page Managers title will win (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* If both the SwiftySite and YoastSEO plugins are active, you can now enter a description meta tag and set if search engines may index and/or follow the page (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Fixed: the title was not always used correctly as title tag (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Fixed: sometimes the plugin could not be uninstalled.
* Fixed: a BBPress compatibility issue. 

3.0.0 - 2016-05-24

* Version bump. This is part of the full SwiftySite 3 set op plugins and theme. 


* All areas can now be turned on and off (Only for Swifty Site Designer theme).
* When adding a new page, you can optionally copy the area settings and content from the parent page. (Only for Swifty Site Designer theme). 


* Version bump for author update. 


* Important speed improvement: determining draft state is now much quicker. 


* Language strings now have the correct slug, so they can be translated better. 


* Small bugfix for WMPL. 


* The maximum width of the view / tree can now be set in the settings screen, so the buttons can now be closer to the titles.
* Added a WPML language switcher.
* Fixed a problem with activate after install.
* Added an option for showing a main menus title also as the first child in its dropdown menu (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin). 


* Prevent Ninja Forms messages from showing on top of Swifty Page Manager. 


* Improved WPML compatiblity.
* Removed | character from title (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Added real-time validation check for the url / slug (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Ready for Wordpress 4.4
* New screenshots. 


* Fixed: page settings not working in IE.
* Fixed: some issues with urls. 


* Better protection against duplicate urls / slugs. 


* Fixed an issue where 1.4.3. would give erros on some shared hosting accounts.
* Renamed Page edit to Page settings. 


* Shows version number on the setting page. 


* A few small changes. 


* A few small changes. 


* Fixed important bug: 1.3.0 was not compatible with PHP older than 5.3. 1.4.0 is. Please update asap! 


* Is prepared for cooperating with upcoming Swifty plugins. 


* Fixed important bug: 1.2.0 caused the plugin to conflict with some other plugins. Please update asap!
* Changed: Status labels for draft etc. are now after the page title instead of in front
* Changed: Rearranged a few of the page icons
* Changed: Input fields are now wider 


* Fixed bug: broken trash link
* Added a move button to the page manager pages, hovering it will display a help message
* Added language: Hebrew (Thanks to: Ahrale).
* Numerous small inprovements
* Ready for Wordpress 4.2.2 


* Fixed bug: post-type related
* Ready for Wordpress 4.0 


* Added language: Simplified Chinese (Thanks to: LoveFS).
* Added language: Serbian (Thanks to: Borisa Djuraskovic). 


* Fixed bug: plugin did not activate in PHP 5.2.4. 


* Fixed bug: in some situations page order might be changed incorrectly. 


* Small fix for incorrect version number. 


* Added language/translation info. 


* Improved the description page. 


* We are very happy to release our very first open source product. 

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