Changelog for Swifty Content Creator

Modified on: 2016-11-09 15:26:06 +0100

3.1.7 - 2016-11-09

* The internal editor (CKeditor) is updated to the latest version (4.5.11).
* Fixed: sometimes the plugin could not be uninstalled. 

3.1.6 - 2016-11-08

* A few small improvements. 

3.1.5 - 2016-11-01

* A few small improvements. 

3.1.4 - 2016-09-28

* A few small improvements. 

3.1.3 - 2016-09-14

* Icons can now have a target (link).
* Improved compatibility with other plugins.
* You can now add any shortcode if you know the code.
* Improved showing of unknown shortcodes.
* Fixed a BBPress compatibility issue.
* Fixed some font styling issues.
* Lots of small improvements and bugfixes.
* Improved license check for paid extensions. 

3.1.2 - 2016-06-30

* Small changes.
* Improved ordering and installation of packs. 

3.1.1 - 2016-06-16

* Fixed: wpautop was switched off for all custom post types too (when set to off). Now only for pages and normal posts. 

3.1.0 - 2016-06-15

* Swifty Content Creator is no longer in beta when used together with Swity Site Designer.
* Page presets will now work better with non Swifty Site Designer themes.
* Fixed: Buttons with a link to an external url have a ? at the end and fail when you add query parameters.
* Fixed a problem with text selections selecting outside of the current text content element (for instance triple click). 

3.0.9 - 2016-06-07

* Improved locking options.
* Images in blog post list are now better repsonsive.
* Non admin users will not be asked on the spash screens if this is a new site.
* Auto generated text content elements now have the correct margin (0).
* Fixed an issue with image captions. 

3.0.8 - 2016-05-28

* Fixed: cog icons do not show for scroll moving content elements. 

3.0.7 - 2016-05-27

* Improved compatibility with twentyfourteen and other themes.
* Fix an issue with special characters in the quote content element.
* Changed allow external to a global option. 

3.0.6 - 2016-05-26

* Fixed an issue where asset changes were not always correctly saved. 

3.0.5 - 2016-05-26

* Fixed some issues with paste.
* Disabled sroll move effects on small screens because of swipe scroll issues. 

3.0.4 - 2016-05-25

* Added mobile preview buttons for non-Swifty Site Designers themes.
* Added option to disable wp-embed.
* Fixed: presets etc now showing correctly in new pages for non-Swifty Site Designers themes. 

3.0.2 - 2016-05-24

* Fix for updating theme form a message in the inbox.
* Dutch translation updated. 

3.0.1 - 2016-05-23

* Huge changes since 1.1.0. Too much to mention here. We have been working on this for almost a year with multiple developers.
* Version bump. This is part of the full SwiftySite 3 set op plugins and theme. 


* Fixed a few issues with moving assets with the move buttons.
* Fixed: content could sometimes not be added after an asset in a table cell.
* Http(s) protocol is now switchable for maps asset.
* Http(s) protocol is now switchable for video asset.
* The Skype toolbar is now blocked in edit mode, so telephone numbers are no longer messed up by Skype.
* Selecting images is improved.
* During a resize of slider or slideshow the width and height now visually changes.
* Fixed: maps asset border. 


* Slider images are now lazy loaded, in optimal resolution and size and fully cover the slider area (instead of fully contained inside).
* Default height of flex gallery is now 150 (instead of 300).
* Last row of a flex gallery only stretches to full width if its images already cover at least 75% of te row.
* Gallery flex images are now lazy loaded, in optimal resolution and size
* Gallery flex lightbox images are now loaded in optimal resolution and size
* Improved lazy loading of slideshows for better PageSpeed.
* Improved lazy loading of gallery grid for better PageSpeed.
* Swifty image tabs are no longer shown. Later on we will make this correctly available again.
* In search results the edit links now work correctly.
* Fixed: sometimes empty lines are added automatically for no good reason.
* Improved the asset resize icon. 


* The image resize icon is now better visible.
* Extra video info is no longer shown.
* Default height of flex gallery is now 300 (instead of 100). 


* Fixed: Sometimes slideshows and images did not correctly show up while editing.
* Fixed: Checkboxes were not always correctly checked while editing assets.
* Slideshow images are now lazy loaded, in optimal resolution and size and fully cover the slidehow area (instead of fully contained inside)
* Lightbox images are shown bigger and load faster.
* Lightbox javascript and css are now lazy loaded for better PageSpeed.
* Added cache busting to several js and css files. 


* Prevents leaving the page before saving is done.
* Sitemap will no longer show hidden pages. 


* Gallery grid now has images in optimal resolution. 


* Images now default to do nothing on click (instead of lightbox). This improves the PageSpeed of pages with images.
* Images can now link to a url.
* Improvements in PageSpeed.
* Shows version number on the setting page. 


* Compatible with WordPress 4.2.2.
* Dozens of improvements. 


* Compatible with WordPress 4.1.
* Fixed a few issues related to WP 4.1.
* Fixed a few issues related to theme Tweny Fifteen. 


* Small improvements. 


* Search item is renamed to Search box.
* Small improvements. 


* This is the first alpha test release of this plugin. 

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