In Settings I see a column Pick area variant, how can I make a variant?

Modified on: 2016-05-31 11:58:31 +0200

You can make a variant of the following area's

  • Topbar
  • Header
  • Navbar
  • Sidebar
  • Extra sidebar
  • Footer
  • Bottombar

This way you can make every page a bit unique or just let one page stand out.
And off course you can always switch back to default if you don't like the different area you created. :-) 

You can make a new variant by going into edit mode (Edit content) and click on the settings (cog) button of an area, for example the header.
Now you get the question if you want to edit the header or create a new one.

After you click "Create new header" the new header gets created and you can start adding content to it.
When you click on Style in the bottom bar you can easily change of remove the background image, set a minimal height, some margin or padding and even add you're own custom css if you want.

The sky is the limit. ;-)

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